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Osteopathy is a natural hands-on whole body healing art. The osteopathic practitioner's goal is to seek the root of the dysfunction and to try to restore proper motion and flow so that the entire being can function optimally. Osteopathic treatments are very gentle and very from session to session depending on the presenting problem. Modalities used in treatment range from cranial osteopathy and visceral manipulation to fascial release work and osteoarticular adjustments.​​

What is osteopathy?


History of osteopathy

Julie completed her osteopathic practitioner degree in May 2015, after 7 years of hard work. Prior to studying osteopathy, Julie obtained a BSc, in Biology from Dalhousie University and a diploma in Massage Therapy from Foothills College of Massage Therapy. 

Julie is dedicated to helping you to find optimum health in body, mind and spirit. Her approach is one of caring, compassionate and gentle touch. Her deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology coupled with her highly refined palpation skills guide her through her practice.

Julie is a mother of two fantastic children who keep her on her toes and smiling every day. When she in not at the rink or at circus with her children, she can be found running, skate skiing or mountain biking. She recharges her batteries by revelling in nature, eating healthy foods and spending time with family and friends.

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, founded osteopathy in 1874. Dr. Still believed that the body had the inherent capacity to heal itself. He strove to study the body in incredible detail, both anatomically and physiologically, giving him deep insight into the proper functioning of the human form. Dr, Still also understood the importance of the Triune of Man, that is, the connection of body, mind and spirit. His teachings were less about techniques, but rather, a way of being, an expression of art and science together. He considered it the student's work to keep digging for knowledge and to strive for excellence.

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